July, 2021
BC's Restart is a careful, four-step plan focused on protecting people and safely getting life back to normal. 

As KSACC transitions into Step 3 of the four-step plan, we are happy to share that we have revised our COVID-19 Safety Plan. Although some safety measures will remain for now, some procedures and protocols have been modified and/or removed.

We will be increasing capacity for in-office sessions beginning July 19th. KSACC will continue to support clients through telephone and digital support services, if they wish. 

The waiting area in the KSACC office will continue to be for clients only. Extra support people will be asked to not come into the waiting area in order to minimize the number of people accessing the office. Hand sanitizers will still be provided for clients to use.

Masks will still be required for clients and staff while in shared KSACC space. Clients and their counsellors are welcome to have a conversation to assess if it's appropriate to unmask during sessions. Personal contact such as handshakes and hugging are still not permitted.

Only the public washrooms are available to clients.

We encourage all clients to contact their counsellor and/or support staff if they have any questions.
KSACC Health and Safety Committee